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A Calico Apron
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

A calico apron
Ainít got no strings
My lady never tried
To clip my wings

Any good woman
Can cook and sew
But my sweet lady
Knows how to let go

Thereís a wicker basket
Full of yarn
In an old white house
With a big red barn

Mamaís teapot
China blue
The old brown clock
That stopped at two

My ladies shawl draped
Over her chair
Lavender scent
Hanginí on the air

The old pianoís
Out of tune
But my lady knows
That Iím cominí home soon

Lemon-eyed cat
Sleepiní in the sun
Days go by
One by one

Canít make no money
Singiní my songs
One night gigs
Donít last too long

Nightclubs, barrooms
Bring me down
Canít keep driftiní
From town to town

Sold my watch
My golden chain
So I could be
In her arms again

Caught a ride
That passed my way
Iím goiní home
This time Iíll stay

Lemon eyed cat
Sleepin' in the sun
Days go by
Oh, one by one

My lady's shawl
Draped over her chair
Lavender scent
Hangin' on the air


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