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My Angel Gone
by Christopher John Horne

Waking, watching, upon my view
I cast my loving gaze on you,
For how was I to know, in lieu,
Tomorrow's day steals you away.

To slip so quiet, with Angel's sigh,
Intense the pain is swelled inside,
With all my heart and soul I cry,
For on this day, you went away.

My lover's arms no longer hold me,
Nor whisper in my heart so warmly,
Though with all I promise true,
My love dies with me, just for you.

Angel's Whisper
by Aurora Antonovic

Your angel is not gone from you,
Simply because obscured view,
Has hidden her with gauzy hue,
She lingers in the twilight’s haze.

If you listen, you will hear
Angel’s wings whispering near,
Telling you to resist fear,
And shake off this dark malaise.

Her arms still hold you soft and close,
Her voice still whispers sweetest boast,
That you’re the one she loves the most,
And will for all remaining days.

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