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This Moment, My Life
by Quiet Seagull

By Time trapped, I live
in this moment which shall never end until
my breath is quiet and my heart is still.

The Future is but a hope, the past a fleeting image, a memory, unreal,
but in this moment, my heart beats, and I touch, I see, I feel.
My dreams dance before me, tantalizing mirages
in a Future which can never come.
A future which flies away, evanescent, fleeting.
I live, then, if at all, in one moment, this moment, now.

Only in this moment do we know joy;
Only in this moment do we know strife;
Only in this moment do our Souls breathe life.
Only in this moment are our hearts beating.
Only in this moment can we love and live,
for love is life and life is love, and I choose to give
this moment to you, for this moment is my life.
And if you love me as I love you, we may transcend
even this moment for love, unlike a moment, need never end.

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