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Drop A Line of Poetry
by Aurora Antonovic

Drop a line of poetry,
Maybe a soliloquy,
Make the simple world look rosy,
Compose for me a line of poesy;
Create a realm of lace, organza,
With verse from  a Spenserian stanza;
Iambic pentameter, sonnets too,
With words that make me swoon for you.

Heroic couplet, triolet,
With dreamy spheres of  violet,
Tanka, haiku, or sestine ,
Rhyme like I have never seen!
Villanelle, free verse, limerick,
Write  them  all, Iíll take my pick,
Send me somewhere Iíve not been,
Make it Alexandriane.

Conjure  visions of pure beauty,
Speak of truth, and love, and duty,
Honour, courage, character,
Bravery, devotion,  true valour,
Create a world of days gone by,
Enraptured in  ecstatic sigh.
Make everything alive for me:
Speak to me in poetry.


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