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In this wonderful collection of poetry, Harry Calhoun
finds the words to express the deep emotions we all
feel. To deal with the death of a loved one, the turmoil
of waking from a bad dream in the dark, the overflowing
joy that a special pet can provide, and the ups and downs
of life.

Accompanied by his black lab, Alex, Harry takes us down
a winding road of exploration and discovery.

As Harry says in his poem There is so much right with the world,
"this is a good world, not unentangled
with the brambles of evil, not clear"

From the book:
The craft, practiced
by Harry Calhoun

you dream every day you'll nail it
like Christ to the cross
like the seam between legend and truth
sewn so the seam is suddenly seamless

dream that you make it all make sense
and name it for the nonsense it is
and somewhere someone in a distant white tower
will strike a flint and light

a tiny sputtering fire
against an endless morning
mist and drizzle

and squinting
at the flame

will care


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