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Kiss The Sun
by Steve Whittaker

I've had my friends and lovers
Had my big brass band
had a cold and lonely wind
make me take a stand

Thought for sure this trip around
would be my greatest and my last
but I got hung up in dreamin' dreams
and living out my past

See I had to have it, have it all
at once, all mine, for good
but I didn't know it'd cost my heart and soul
and my faith in brotherhood

So I wound up down in the barroom town
where I drank ten years of Gin
then I hopped a freight with Jesus
just to learn the wage of sin

But when I fell out the bottom
and was prayin' to disappear
a voice inside said move over kid
we're just beginning here

It said reach outside and touch the sky
and kiss the sun hello
cause someday soon what you're tryin' to learn
will be what you already know

Well the wind blew soft across my face
and joy filled my eyes with tears
cause my heart flew open and love rushed in
and I knew I'd seen the last of my fears 

So reach outside and touch the sky
and kiss the sun hello
move on in to a place called kindness
and let love be the reason you grow


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