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Wikipedia, iTunes U, and the Democratization of Expertise
by Adam Morin

Almost St. Patrick's Day, and it's busy.
Customers waiting in lines ten deep.
A man waits for his debit to process, makes small talk.
How's your day been? He asks the clerk.
Oh, you know, she says. Volatile.
He raises his cap slightly, wipes his brow.
Looks at the orderly line snaking out behind him.
Yeah, he says.
That's the right word for it.

Another clerk walks past just then.
Hey Steve, she yells. Did you fill the display with Irish products?
No, I only put three out.
Why so few?
A pause.
Because I didn't want to cause a famine
The man in line grabs his beer and chuckles with the clerk.
That's so true they both say, with a laugh.

The uiversity professor next in line says nothing.


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