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Renaissance Waif
by PC Kennedy

With darkened veil and golden bright,
the Swallowtail in profile holds,
mid-wing suspent o'er sweet and pink.
Renaissance waif he bows from waist
the Eucharist fell for him to sip,
to taste, to brood on holy powers,
sustain him through the night.

An astral seraph whose cosmic birth
astounds with grace, celestial beast
to stay your light touch manifests
in mortal ash will save our sins
against our lot. Ethereal
you reign across the earthly light
the tiny force behind God's throne
divine, almighty heaven.

What life you lead, deliver us,
rejoice in your rebirth sublime.
The small are kept the closest ones
alit on God's extended limb.
I sing your soul-felt liturgy
here celebrate your passing.


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