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Trying to Play the Game of Mind Shift
by Cynthia Pratt

Like the skill games of Lumosity,
I shift poetry and words, tomorrow
policy. Three letter the same,
but not alike, not really.

One ending in "try",
the other ending in "icy".
but this is not about

Two days after a massacre,
and another two days of
reconstructing the scene.
Try to capture the hearts of 17
dead, then try gluing
together their smiles for families.

But let's not forget the others,
those 59 in Las Vegas, and
49 in Orlando, or
27 at Sandy Hook Elementary or
3 somewhere else, 5 there, and there.

Too many to capture with words,
and no one willing to say, "No more."
So much easier for words
to be pulled apart,
with only the leftovers
to speak at a memorial.


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