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Petr Adamec

Petr is an occasional amateur photographer and a domestic filmmaker, as well as
an occasional traveler living in the Czech Republic. He likes to take photos of
his beloved South Africa and the surrounding countries, where he regularly
returns. He is impressed by the amazing African landscapes and majestic elephants.

His biggest personal success was his photo of Namibia Himba girls, which was
awarded a prize in the competition of Czech edition of National Geographic

Some time ago, he also discovered amazing possibilities of filming and taking
pictures from the air using remote-controlled drones, which eventually led him to
piloting real aircraft. He loves flying, he keeps learning it and likes to use
it for shooting and filming.

Petr has been taking photos with some breaks (such as university studies) since
his childhood. He then made 35mm negative photos of his school classmates in a
darkroom set up in his parents' bathroom. Today he uses a conventional digital
SLR camera and a smartphone.

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