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In the Moment
by Marcel Aime Duclos
60 poems,72 pages
Price $7.95
ISBN 13: 978-1546452751
ISBN 10: 1546452753
Publisher: Create Space, Charleston, SC
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In the Moment subtitled “Over a brief period of time,” is a book of 60 untitled poems
inspired by the renowned Persian poet, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. Written during a
season of personal struggle, poet Marcel Duclos found “healing for my faltering soul
while my body found its way back to the here and now.” These poems, simply written,
with a humble heart, usher the reader into the poet’s inner life—a life longed for by
many, but cancelled out amid the blare of horns, the cacophonous chatter of TV shows
and the throw and go nature of contemporary life. Do yourself a favor: steep a cup of tea,
lightly butter a wedge of warm toast, place a soft light over your left shoulder . . . and
enjoy being In the Moment, with Marcel Duclos.


In his newest collection, In the Moment, poet Marcel Duclos' spare and original use of
language draws the reader into the natural and everyday world. The poet’s world is full of
wonder and emotion often overlooked. In the Moment offers readers the opportunity to
appropriate nature's mysterious and restless beauty to their own interior landscape. His
landscape of emotional seasons ranges from hope and humor to the dark days of sorrow
and inevitability. To read his work is to be reminded of what it is to be human.
—Janet Rode has published a book of photography and poetry titled, Brownie Holiday.

Marcel Duclos' book of poetry titled In the Moment is an enjoyable journey through
everyday events. The book of sixty untitled poems is written in a succinct style that
conforms to the simplicity of his subjects, yet he uses language in a way that gives
mundane subjects a twist, catching the reader by surprise.
—Vaughn D. Neeld is a Freelance Writer and Editor, living in Cańon City, CO.


Marcel A. Duclos enjoyed an academic career as a professor of psychology and philosophy,
as well as a college administrator for 28 years. He practiced psychotherapy for nearly fifty
years and is currently a licensed professional counselor. He writes both prose and poetry,
experiments as an amateur oil painter, and is learning to play the piano.

He is a member of the Academy of American Poets and of the Poetry Society of Colorado.
He has attended the Western State Colorado University’s annual literary conference,
“Writing the Rockies,” and is a member of the Florence Colorado Writer’s Critique Group.



by Marcel Aime Duclos

In the early evening stillness,
pure white egret,
you silhouette black water,
swallow ripples,
silk the meadow creek.

Am I to vigil
your disappearance,
each of us solitary
in the moment
before the moon?

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