Why My Body Wants to Fly
by Ambika Talwar

I have wanted to go far
through the gap
the stakes are lined up
rugged silent keys on a skeletal
piano, but my feet stall
my heart flies out of my body
over splintering waves
where plankton micro-particles
shimmer freely
being footless.

I have wisheded to go farther
but my toes sink into shapely sands
dust of life at war
lingers in my mouth
of loves unsaid –
the unmet are left sundered
in misty times caught
in hungry sands.

I half turn away my eyes
glance into the sun sprawling
through my gauzy curtain –
Last night I painted a wall
not as well as I had done before
then sanded a book shelf
I want to paint it blue.

Now I know why
my body wants to fly
like a dolphin – skim blunt edges
of sea-laughter
the way neophyte rushes
a song and waves lift
falling diamonds into oblivion.


Stakes remain in the sand
gap stays exactly there
between scrub and grass stalks
lines latitudes longing
as my feet linger
as if strains of sea weed were
my silken limbs.

Ocean is commotion
mad winged contradistinctions

while biophotons arise beauty
in a raging container…
oceanic life wars
destroys feeds hungers
swims in slime and grime
hums hymns in sinking moonlight
how dangerous are graves
of broken desires

civilizations – skeletons
crumbling at my feet.

Moonlight dredges my lost dreams
song trembles to arise
in my throat…

I could drink the ocean
in a morning draft if moon
strayed still in my womb
accordion of thirsty innards.

So much water –
And love? Just enough.


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