by Marcel Aime Duclos

Yell all you want.
I will not kiss a xenopus
to turn you into a princess
parading in a zoo.

Tomorrow, I will visit you,
sing beneath your window.
Do not expect to see me on a twitter feed.
I prefer to dance in the full blast of the sun.

Quite unique of you to show up dressed in red,
splash a quick appearance in my neighborhood.

I own my karma.
I drive a panel truck, a mad man left standing
after jumping through the horns of a dilemma
in the feedlot onto grass.

This afternoon,
after a second birth, I envelop,
in the calm beyond my understanding,
death's presence.

So natural here at the meat packing plant.

I thought you would want to know.
I am being sent packing. You know the deal.
I failed the test.
I can't shut my mouth when entrails reveal our lot.

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