Flamingo Mating Dance
by Jane Lang

"I told you. I told you over and over.
Now look! Not a place to put down
a talon. No don't give me the huff
and puff of alpha male. It just
won't fly! I want this chance, maybe
the only chance for Pernella to shine
to be a peacock in the world of wrens.
We only have this final stab at it and
rue the peanuts of all those noisy kids
with their oohs and ahs. The way they
point their fingers is obscene—just this
once let her glide on the water's edge
with the grace of a dove, show the
strength of an eagle in her bearing and
as Cedric preens his feathers, he will
see her sensuously slide: gracefully,
openly, heavenly glorious in her
every splendor. He will offer a tidbit
a talisman of his obsessive obsession
with our gorgeous girl, the
principal ballerina of the dance."

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