From Up High
by Gay Williford

There is a thing in me that dreamed of trees.

Trees and I stand tall.
We share a perspective
unknown to bushes and dwarves.
That is not to say we are arrogant …
our height is what it is.

Evolving to this altitude,
views feel more comprehensive
given the wider expanse.

Occasionally we bump heads
with low ceilings
and fade out in mists—
a humbling jolt of reality
reminding us of our vulnerability.

Our gangly limbs stretch out—
seeking more space, more sun.
We are always waving them,
probably to get attention,
to find a better balance
or in reaction to a breeze.

Gale winds and rain storms
challenge our roots
trying to shake loose our hold
on stuff of substance.

The heights are exhilarating …
would that I could lift you up
and let you partake of the benefits—
see the amazing panorama,
feel the awe and wonder
that only elevation can impart.

If I had to choose a plant to be
I would, of course, select the tree!


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