Irish Breakfast Tea
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

1 teaspoon loose tea, per person plus "one for the pot"
1 cup cold water per person,
1 cup boiling water, for warming the tea pot

In an electric kettle or on the stove, add freshly drawn
filtered water. The better the water, the better your
tea will taste. Bring the water to just under the boiling
do not scald the tea leaves.

While the water is heating, pour freshly boiled hot water
into the teapot to warm it. Swish the water around then
pour it out.

Add the tea leaves to the tea pot and pour in the water
from the kettle. Cover and let steep for no more than 5

Fill the teacups ⅓ full with milk and pour in the
tea through a strainer. Add sugar if desired.


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