Sapphire Snow
by Annie Jenkin

Dear Robin,

I'm coming down your way today. My curiosity
is peaked as to how you are getting on.
You look terrific in your smart red vest,
going from branch to branch of your territory
and so quick off the mark sending out alerts.
But I worry, in case you have been dismissed
from your post again this year.

Do you get mad at your competition?
Formally dressed in his black suit,
I'm sure his tailor starched his tail. It sweeps
down, sleekly complimentary to his posture,
gliding smoothly over shoulders and head.
Though your cords are very distinctive.
If I might be so bold, it appears to my ears,
he does have a wider range of songs.

The trees dressed in fresh leaves look magnificent,
and are beginning to spread their canopy,
as if protecting all below,
and what of the bluebells amassing on the slopes.
In the evening, their beautiful scent drifts,
like whispers floating by on the breeze.
The volume of sapphire hue is stunning,
giving the woodland a truly magical feel.
Have you ever heard the bells tinkle
or seen the fairies coming down to choose
their bonnets for the Spring ball?

It is such exciting times now, so many new
things to see and explore.
I'm looking forward to you telling me more.

Sincerely yours

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