Solitude in Spring Rain
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

A day of promise, filled with steady
gray Northwest rain interrupted
by bright flashes of color—
red-winged blackbirds, finches
in shiny purple and bold yellow.
I watch the rain, a shimmer
of silver threads, undulate
across the emerald grass.

Used to the rain, their feathers blur
as they dive to the feeders, scarcely
acknowledge their mates while
they eat and keep watchful eye
for the neighbor's ubiquitous gray cat.

By tomorrow, my upturned
lawn chairs will be impromptu birdbaths;
today, the water dances as
rain drops turn them into
a thousand mini-fountains.

Silence, like solitude, is but
an illusion. The winds shift; rain
beats a soft tattoo against the glass,
and soon, the warrior, plumed in
gaudiness he hopes will attract a mate,
will burst through my front door.

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