The Chaos of Colour
by Annie Jenkin

When Winter's winds whip its last
and rays of rising warmth
awaken rested Spring seeds,
in the nooks, cracks and crevices
betwixt seams of walls and paths.
I wait for the colourful chaos
to unravel and reveal their surprises.

The innocence of daisies, and blue
hopeful smiles of forget-me-nots,
bold golden buttercups, and heat
of feverfew or humble dandelions.
Nonchalantly creeping down
cushions of mauve aubretia,
touches dainty ivy-leaved toadflax.

The energy of red campion stroke
silken poppy petals brushing
shoulders with yellow hawkweed.
Whilst dame robert dances in delight
below the calmness of valarian
who wait for the butterfly bush
to bloom and hum with early bees.

The blink of yellow and white
from willowy oxeye daisies
among unruly gangly grasses,
shimmer and shake as cars whizz by.
I cannot help but smile and admire
the vitality and positivity offered
by these once unwanted weeds.


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