Creation’s Voices
by Scott Shaffer

As I walk around the lake, the skies’ regent rises
like a lead opera singer striding on stage.

He bursts out in brilliant solo, warming
my face and spirit. I ponder, “Am I listening

to all of creation’s voices as they blend
into an ancient, never-ending new song?”

The choir of countless stars serenades
our universe with unending anthem.

The moon happily hums in the background,
rarely revealing her full beauty.

Earth’s wild waters rock and rejoice
like gospel singers.

Mountains and canyons belt out majestic hymns
that awe and inspire me.

Potent percussionists drum down rain,
crackle with lightning and boom out thunder.

Winds whip, overwhelming me like the “Hallelujah Chorus”;
but breezes, like a crooned ballad, caress me.

Creation’s voices heal my heart and sing to my soul–
a constant crescendo of praise to their Creator!


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