The Other World
by MFrostDelaney
after Farm in Red Hook, NY ~ by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

A barn, some cows, the virile snow this day
all seems so undisturbed. Is this the past,
when milk that’s drawn by hand, collected eggs,
and strawberries preserved in jam all grace
a pinewood breakfast table, hearth and home?

It’s not the suburbs in their ordered way,
McMansions with their vinyl sides to last,
snowblowered driveways, always one that begs
the cover of House Beautiful, the face
of perfect life, that story in its tome.

Nor is it urban grit, the skyline gray
with smog that lays upon the winter’s blast,
cemented sidewalks, pot-holed streets, the dregs
of shoveled snow, the trash, the butts that lace
the alleys, pile as if a litter-comb.

The country life may be a fantasy–
build snowmen with coal eyes or climb a tree,
perfection in the dream–simplicity.


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