A Sonnet for Sharmagne
After “Farm in Red Hook, NY,” by Sharmagne Leland-St. John
by Carole Mertz

How smartly nestled in the snow-filled glen
The animals dressed in winter’s cover,
The old house and red barn, a cozy scene
Helped me recall a still moment, over
Sixty years prior, a time when my child
Was but four. In a New England setting
We trekked snow-laden fields, calming and wild,
A trip for only us two and getting

Us out of the city, letting us breathe
Fresh country air, having fun together
In Winter’s exhilarating, chill-sheath.
Soon we’d return, he to his school letters;
I’d strive to become a better mother,
better for him, a full life to bequeath.


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