A Special Seclusion
by Gay Williford

A frenzied wind came down from the mountains
like a mystical creature infusing nature with
eerie howls, chills and swirling snowflakes.
Lila hoovered near the cabin’s wood stove,
trying to lessen the deep cold that had assaulted
her snowshoe hike up to this place.
The forest cabin had always been a refuge
to which she traveled when life’s
array of problems became overwhelming.
Nestled in a mountain valley near Lake Pike,
it was a cozy place in which to retreat–
well-removed from the stresses of her urban life.
Stocked with essentials, Lila reflected on its
solid protection from the elements
and it’s isolated peacefulness.
Family mementos filled the rooms here–
Grandma Ada’s diamond quilts, Grandpa Ed’s
wood carvings, Dad’s fish lure sets,
Mom’s plaid curtains, sister Susie’s corn husk dolls
and her own painted rock display.
Growing drowsy, she recalled the many
pleasant times spent here with kinfolk.
Awareness of re-connecting with her roots,
she knew she’d feel re-fortified with confidence
when time came to return to her “real” world.


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