Time is a Frozen River
by Jane Lang

Wait for me! Give me time, he cried.
You’ve had time, her voice echoed.
You’ve had time for so long.
In the school room you gave me half
a shiny red apple ... I gave you, my heart.
Once you gave me a blue grosgrain ribbon
blue the color of waning sky
soft pinks mottled, blended, and
folded into a page of her first primer
a forever memento of love.

I want more, she had told him. To be heard.
To be seen. To make a difference. The day
faded; a decision heartbreakingly made.
He could not give her more.
She would not take less.
He stands apart on the shore of the
frozen river, looks longingly
towards the unattainable
and wonders ... what next?


In 1847, the first women’s rights convention was held, calling for equal treatment of women and men under the law and voting rights for women, many of whom were looking for roles outside the domestic sphere. The seed that sprouted into women's suffrage was firmly planted.


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