Woman in a Green Room, by Robert Berény, 1927

Woman in a Green Room
by Priscilla Turner Spada

In the painting, with all flat planes, she sits;
a young woman, center-stage, in black
amidst the rich and saturated hues.
Walls of phthalo green surround the room–
it's like a jeweled-tone box, velvet and smooth;
on the left, a tufted couch, which she eschews
for a bow-legged chair with stiffened back.
She sits cross-legged and she … sews, or knits?
Or are her little hands delicately
sliding along a necklace, or rosary?
Is she softly counting? She's engrossed.
As counterpoint, an empty, large black vase
rests on a nearby table. The legs almost
look animated, as if they'd run away;
absorbed in thought, she would be unfazed.


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