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I Can Picture Her Now
by Kaila Chan

I can picture her now
Sitting near the kitchen window

Her reflection mirrored softly
Against morning's early mist

Her head tilted slightly to the right
Shoulders held high and strong

She holds her coffee cup
In her porcelain, lady-like hands

The sun has begun to shine
Against her thick black hair

Her eyes twinkling and bright
Holding in all the secrets of her childhood

And her smile
A smile that could light up any room

She laughs, she giggles, she sighs
Everything is funny and delightful to her

She speaks with the conviction
Found only in a young woman nearing adulthood

I can hear her voice now, "Oh Mom"
In that exasperated tone only she uses

She turns and gently looks my way
It is a look she saves for me

She is my daughter
My heart, my friend

And I miss her

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