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In My Room
by Lee Hubbard

In my room, my study, I think, I muse,
and in the quiet of my mind, I reminisce.
In time and space I look  for clues,
of where I've been and how remiss
       I was, just riding life like a commuter's streetcar.

Across that dark void, which should have been,
a journey of light, and the music of life,
I rode on, and on, and on, and when,
the streetcar stopped, I knew only strife,
        for life was but a rehearsal, for a time and place afar,

Far away in another place which I should have known could not be. ,
a place and time I lived for, and in my mind, my destiny. 
My shining, destiny, my dreamy, azure shore,
Where life would mean to me, what I had  lived it for.
       But, a mirage, it drifted away, perhaps, to Zanzibar.

A place I do not know.

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