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  The Butterfly FĂiry Lord
      by Marc Power

      Inside my heart,

      Is a secret place,

      Filled with precious gossamer lace,

      Warm and tightly wrapped about,

      Light and sound have been shut out,

      Dormant, for that fond moment,

      With bright desire and bright intent,

      When, newly born there shall arise,

      Unfolding new wings, wiping eyes,

      A new-formed, faery butterfly,

      Erupts from that glistening chrysalis,

      Born of love, of joy and bliss,

      He shall be the lord of the clear, bright skies,

      King of the faery butterflies,

      He watches you as you flit through space,

      Wing beats aflutter with gentle grace,

      You whirl and dance upon the breeze,

      Bright sparkles trail your reveries,

      Red-gold leaves drift from the trees,

      Floating on cool waters down to the seas,

      He feels a stirring in his heart,

      A sadness comes, when you depart,

      A joy arises, at your return,

      And for you only, desires burn,

      He smiles as you tease and fly so near

      He takes to wing, he knows no fear,

      Following you into breathless skies

      He, in airborne ballet flies,

      Together, frolicking in the sun,

      Dancing with wild and wanton fun,

      Finally tired, you float to ground,

      And close behind, he flutters down,

      He bows and greets you on one knee,

      "Lady, I am in love with thee,

      Make me the most joyous in faery...

      Though I have known you but a few brief hours

      (He gives you a crown of beautiful flowers)

      I dedicate my life to do this thing,

      (He gives you a woven daisy-ring)

      These are not empty gifts I bring,

      I wish only for your heart to sing,

      Together, I know, we will be happy,

      Shall you agree?, and be wed with me?"

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