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Autobiography of a Young Girl: Chapter I
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

When I was young and they thought me to be asleep
I heard them say "She is a melancholy child."
Of what paint is sadness mixed that it colours
Your life for so long? What pigment in it is so strong
That it refuses to fade from it's ice blue hue
And change to scarlet in the dawn?
I heard my mother say, "One cannot live in the same castle
All of one's life. One must see the world to choose
The life that she will lead." It is not my life
That worries me. It is my destiny.
And what a sad song she always sang to me
Tender and out of key.
Now I look back upon that childhood
And wish that I were free
But freedom's not a thing that I can hold upon my hand
To watch and touch and see.
Freedom's something deep inside my heart
That tells me what to be

For Rosebud


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