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You Live On
by Paul Korda

It makes me sad 
To think you have gone
I know how much 
You would have loved to live on.
There's an empty space 
That you used to fill, 
I wish your liveliness
Could be here still

What else seemed right, 
After you were taken.
The endless nights, 
I wished you'd return
And only Life, with it's magic moments
Helps me believe you live on.

I remember you singing, 
Making up a song, 
I would fall asleep, singing along
If there's a heaven,
That's where you belong
Through the part of you in me
You live on

What else seemed right,
After you were taken
I see you in my children,
Oh how they've grown.
Through the part of you in us,
We're never alone.
However hard the journey, 
We'll all come home.
Through the part of you in us,
You live on.
What else seemed right

My mother was a singer/songwriter, and I wrote this about her passing, and how she lives in me, not only genetically, but also her talent, her view on life. I believe we are all connected to our ancestors, and are capable of drawing knowledge and strength from those who have gone before us. Also, what we do, and learn from our life here, becomes available for future generations. 

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