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Rollin' Hills Of Mexico
Words and Music by Joe LaMay

Our kisses were like summertime
Our tears fell just like rain
Iíd love to hold you in the morning light
I want to be with you again

But believing is too hard today
And Iím drowning on my own
To love you is my holiday
When will you come home

And when the rolling hills of Mexico
Start running through my dreams
Iíd sell my soul just to let you know
Itís not the way it seems

The future holds the Jack of Hearts
Your Joker holds the Queen
Heís taught her how to act her part
Then he steals her every scene

And itís not just for your innocence
And itís not just for the lame
They hold you in their providence
I hold you in your name

If loving was illegal
Iíd be guilty of my crime
But thereís no sin in how I feel
Yet theyíve got me doing time


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