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from the happy hour holiday bar of Sharmagne Leland-St.John

1 750-milliliter bottle silver tequila *
1 to 2 cups triple sec or Cointreau
1 cup freshly juiced granny Smith apple, lemon, double ginger root juice
Several tablespoons lime juice for rimming the glasses
Several tablespoons coarse (kosher-type) salt, for rimming the glasses
About a gallon of ice cubes

Just before serving, in a half-gallon pitcher combine the tequila,
the minimum amount of triple sec or Cointreau, and the juices
from the apples, lemons and ginger. Taste and add more of the triple sec
liqueur if you think your margaritas need more sweet oranginess to
balance the other flavors. Remember, you're tasting it warm and undiluted:
when chilled and diluted, the flavors will be mellower and more compelling.

Pour the lime juice onto one small plate, the coarse salt onto another.
Have the chilled margarita glasses ready at hand. Invert a glass into
the plate with the lime juice to moisten the rim, then lightly dip into
the plate with the salt.(for an extra special touch,
you can make them ahead of time and chill them. ). The 5-ounce size
glass, is suggested, since that size drink will stay cold from first sip to last.
For each drink measure 2 ounces of the margarita mixture into the blender.
Add ice cubes (5 cubes for 1, 8 for 2, and 10 for 3 servings).

*In this variation on the standard margarita, the better the tequila, the better
the drink. Try Herradura, El Tesoro, El Viejito, Patron, or practically any of the
100% agave tequilas that are available in the market)

Remember to drink responsibly.

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