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Writing a Note to Mommy
by Kay Caputi

Knowing youíd always hold me close,
makes leaving so much harder,
but I heard Dad say
he didnít want me.
I canít stay
knowing Iíd only
cause trouble
between you.

So Iím cutting the ties early,
going to live with someone
who needs my stability,
Ďcause sheís not yet
quite grown up herself.
Word has it, she requires
and thatís my forte.

Itís not your fault, Mommy.
I realize Iíve been your dream
for a long, long time.
Itís just that, well,
you donít know it now,
but thereís trouble
down the road.
Itís best Iím not
along for the ride.

Youíll feel some pain
as I leave your body.
It wonít last long.
Soon, Iíll be a memory,
and maybe,
some other tiny soul
will find you later on
when times are better.

I think weíll meet in the future.
Iíll walk right up to you and say,
ďYouíre the mother Iíve
been searching for.Ē
I canít wait!
Wonít that be
a happy day?

Love from your unborn daughter,


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