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I See You, Ten Years from Now, Age 26
by Debbi Brody
                    For my son, Dylan

You are married, your wife has a big family,
you are one of the favorite uncles.
The air is getting cleaner every year,
your children will have large healthy lungs.

You are diplomatic in intimate relationships.
You are strong and blot out messages from
the Anglo culture that you aren’t good enough.
You counter bigotry by being twice as good.

You have pride in your cultural and personal
roots. You now know that teenagers of all
colors in every family configuration feel
anomie even when surrounded by love.

You do well in college, buy time to learn
a path of self-sufficiency. You work to reward
your mind and heart first, pocket book second.
You are not hungry, never will be. You have

shelter and someone with whom to share it.
You never go to war. Each day you give thanks.
Born with a wise and stable soul, it continues
to inhabit you to the end of your days.

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