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A Real True Mother’s Love (a tribute to surrogate mothers)
by NaKeesa Frazier-Jennings,

It used to hurt to know that you don’t love me, we don’t share the same beliefs and that makes you unable to even just hug me
You were happy, or so you say, when I was born on that summer’s day but the leaders of your faith told you to disown me because I won’t believe in everything that they say
As a child, I paid attention, I did as I was told and tried not to let evil in but when I began to grow into a woman, my own thoughts, ideas and desires crept in….into my mind
I moved across the country to a brand new place in order to be free, free to explore, experience and find me, away from you and yes, all I knew
Finding myself was scary, being free was something I was never allowed to be so back and forth in my mind trying to play both sides so I could try to sort of feel free but still have my mother, still have my mommy love me
Soon I realized that I couldn’t play both sides, playing both sides made me feel crazy and being free, I could never be until I truly spoke my truth, I had to BE my truth then only then was I truly happy
As happy woman, friend, wife, and human, today I stand free and I will only ever from this moment on let in the mothers, the surrogate mothers who did not give birth to me but stand beside, behind and sometimes under me to lift me up and embrace my freedom with me, silently chanting alongside me: “you are exactly perfect in the way that you are. You have been turned away from the vessel that birthed you but we are here to embrace you and show you a real true mother’s love”


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