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And Where It All Began…
by PC Kennedy

And where it all began, they say,
when man and woman first became –
trained the trees to follow sky.
Reach your limbs.
Your leaves align.
Instructed grass in the ways of the ground:
Blades arise. Roots around
the Earth…
so dark and moist, alive.
We clip. We hew, we 'mortalize
our every garden, orchard, green.
Plant. Dig. Wait. Re-seed.
Allowing hope for wholesome crop
herbs, fruit and flowers sought.
Forlorn, the gardener there alone
who cannot share,
but bears unsung,
the greater feat
a gardener knows –
with plough, spade and garden row.
The Gods forgive this Eden vale,
where weeds and broken vines prevail.
We do not serve as well as once, yet
winds blow still the fragrance sweet
from out our stores and little plots.


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