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Trees in flood ~ The River Soane, Burgundy, France

Rosey Dyer

I am fortunate and have been blessed to have arrived in this world having artistic and creative parents. Especially my father who captivated everyone who met him, he had so much energy. I think he could have seemed a little overwhelming to me as a child and so the way I expressed myself was through Art. I would retreat into myself to paint, draw and to create pictures. Not being a very good reader I loved picture books, they tell a story, they are my narrative. Painting to me is intuitive. I see, look, appreciate and get inspiration from the things that are around me. I don't go out of my way, there is so much close by. Capturing it with whatever tools I have to hand, my camera, paint, brushes, pencils, I don't mind. I am always on the lookout for new materials to try out. I delight in the beauty of nature and experiencing all that she provides, light, color, pattern, forms and shapes. It is wonderful to have the freedom to make diverse images from my vision. It is my passion. It gives me enormous pleasure, satisfaction and a purpose to being myself. It comes from within and I don't have to hide behind it because I am proud to show to the outside what is contained in me, inside. I paint what I see. And try to represent as faithfully as I can the thing that I see. Sometimes it is representational sometimes it could be a vision, sometimes it is just my imagination but I remain truthful to those images.
I adore my garden where I live with my husband a retired chartered  engineer in a little village in Quercy France. I am currently working towards my next exhibition in May. 

My artwork is available for sale, please send enquiries to:


Original Paintings

Acrylic paintings on Canvas
Road to Roquecor $425 
St Bazeuil $485
The Red House Corfu $485
Blaenienion Artists Valley $465
The Grape Harvest, Bordeaux $425

Acrylic painting on board
Quercy Barn  $300

Limited edition prints

Celine's Barn    $245
Sepia sunset    $180
Trees in flood  $180

Prices exclude postage

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