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Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
by Jane Lang

The day was perfect, sun shot shimmers of gold
across the Seine, invited lassitude, we were glad
for the opportunity to be together, I wondered if indeed 
we would be on the water soon -- Jeanne, Angele, 
Alphonsine, myself; skirts shamelessly exposing
ankles with only a modicum of restraint

All of us attuned to each others' thoughts
aspirations, dreams, never judging; united,
interwoven with strong bonds which cannot
be broken -- Auguste invited us to be at
Maison Fournaise by two in the afternoon to
paint us with his unique flair of artistic talent

We all agreed: camaraderie, respect, friendship, a debt
not only to Auguste and his strong feeling for this piece
but, our hopes of being immortalized in years to come; as
well, good red wine, succulent shrimp, warm bread, our
congenial company, expectations of drifting soothingly
down the Seine, full of joie de vivre, enjoyment of
life, a day among friends


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