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Bruna Vieira gathers flowers
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Bruna Vieira gathers flowers in her garden
she dreams of wildflowers but
chooses sunflowers instead
she's smart she knows they'll last the longest
she'll cut the stems tall, put sugar in the water
and hope they'll still be beautiful
when he comes to visit on Sunday

in her dreams she's dressed in hymns
not jeans and a blue and white striped pullover
she dances for the flowers and calls them Girasol
as they nod their sunshine heads
in the blue and white Meissen vase
where she has carefully arranged them
with their stems cut at an angle

she spins and her red hair is a furore of flames
leaping and licking the scented air behind her
she has adagio and lento
tattooed in curlicues' on opposite ankles
to remind her of the tempo of the dance
and the rhythym of her life
in black ink a flutter of sparrows
dot her right wrist…
as she reaches out to caress the flowers
one of them flies away


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