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Portrait of the Artist as a Wonderful Mother
by Henry Howard

Slender fingers caressing canvas,
Tenderly bringing to life the artist's special vision,
People and places held
By a single wrinkle in time.

Inner and outer worlds harmonized,
Glowing in a tapestry
Woven deftly on the color pallet,
By hands that blend and eyes that reflect
The light of moon and sun.

Since the moment of my birth,
You have captured for me
Each experience,
Preserved as memory, rendered as treasures,
Beneath the artist's gentle brushstrokes
And infinitely loving gaze.

Trusting your artist's sense of balance,
You have fearlessly shown me life's chiaroscuro dance
Of light and shadows,
Unmasking the curious harmony that hides
Along their borders.

You painted light in every darkness,
And when darkness beckoned you to pose
In permanent still-life,
You became instead a portrait in courage,
Living each new event as a milestone,
Each milestone a bold new canvas.

You fill my life with color and love,
A star in the heavens shining like no other.
No Balthus or Rodin, No DaVinci or Cezanne
Could paint for me a worthy portrait of the Artist
As a wonderful mother!


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