Dilly's Quilt
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Out of yarn,
not even enough
to knit a glove,
and all the shops
are closed.

Anyway, she was tired of hearing
the click and clack of needles
at the old knitting group
the one the disappointed women called
"The Stitch and B*tch."

So she started
her own circle,
where the women
would knit
and purl
and whisper
of sad love.

Now needing something
to keep herself busy,
she digs through
boxes of swatches
from Laura Ashley,
fat quarters from Joanne's,
expensive samples
from Kneedler-Fauchere.

Goes through the linen closet
pulling out anything
with flowers on it,
buds and blossoms
to make a bouquet

To fashion a quilt
for her little granddaughter
who lives far away.

The little girl whom
she's afraid
won't remember her
when she's gone.

She needs to leave her
something to cuddle
in the middle of the night

She cuts nine
tiny squares
from the fabric
she's spread out
in a colourful array
across the kitchen table

Four with patterns
five plain white.

She threads a slim needle
with coarse pink thread
and begins to sew.

"Hide the knot
as if it were a secret"

her nanny told her, long ago.
as she embroidered tea towels.

She backstitches
so no one will know.

A trellis of roses
comprises the first
perfect square.

Now she cuts five lilies
then cuts four of white,
waxes the thread
and pulls it tight.

Another square finished
she turns out the light.

Tomorrow she'll piece
together the rows,
picturing her granddaughter
as she snips and she sews.

Quilt designed by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

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