The Old Farm on the Hill
(An Imagined Maine History)

Photos and Poems by Joseph Duclos
Poems by Marcel Duclos
16 poems, 36 Black and White Photographs
Price: $7.95
ISBN: 978-1687-3248-70
Publisher: Norton Brook Publishing
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Marcel and Joseph Duclos’ new collection, The Old Farm on the Hill, (An Imagined
Maine History),
imparts new meaning to an old theme: childhood from the perspective of
adulthood. Who among us has not desired to return to our roots, if only for a fortnight, to
live again among the buildings, sights, smells, and memories of the way things used to
be? Photographer Joseph Duclos’ pictures of a variety of farm buildings, wooded areas,
lanes and cemeteries transport readers back to summer days spent on their uncle’s dairy
farm in Maine. Ekphrastic poems written by both authors bring to life those men and
women who worked and loved the land in days now vanishing from memory.


“In The Old Farm on the Hill: An Imagined Maine History, brothers Joseph Duclos and
Marcel Duclos collaborate to create a small, but stunning, poetical and photographic
portrait of an abandoned Maine farm house slated for demolition. Joseph and Marcel's
poetry gives us vivid images, and Joseph's photographs evoke the scenes depicted in the
art of Grandma Moses. The book is a treasure.”
—Vaughn Neeld, Writer-Editor, Canon City, CO

"I have just finished reading, The Old Farm on the Hill, by Joseph and Marcel Duclos,
and found it warming, like a cup of coffee. Joseph took me back to the past,
resurrecting memories and at the same time puling me into the present with photographs
so typical of the stately old structures I pass daily on my journey."
—Joyce Gregor, poet and member, Florence Writers Critique Group.


Marcel Duclos writes prose and poetry, experiments as an amateur oil painter, and is
learning to play the piano. He is a member of the Academy of American Poets and of the
Poetry Society of Colorado. He has attended the Western State Colorado University’s
annual literary conference, “Writing the Rockies.” He is a member of the Florence
Colorado Writer’s Critique Group. Without any doubt, he is still walking the labyrinth to
the still point as an unfinished sapiens.

Joseph Duclos trained in scenic design for the theater; in a varied career he has been
technical director for a regional theater in New Hampshire, designer of interiors for retail
bank offices, and project manager for installations at theme parks, restaurants, and
grocery store chains. During an extended stay in Yucatan in Mexico, he honed his
photography skills roaming the old colonial cities and Mayan archeological sites.


When the Barn Towered
by Marcel Duclos

To the beams,
holy skeleton of the big barn,
the children come.

Sour apples dance in their pockets
and the clogged tin salt shaker,
borrowed unasked from the cupboard,
sweats in the oldest boy’s fist.

Grandchildren, excused from haying
in the late summer afternoon—
third cut stingy these past years—
but not too old for silliness,
giggle, tease, and trick—
as if adults, remembering,
soon run out of winks.

And in the winter, the same crowd
cup and sip from the deep bucket
Sweet sugar-plums of steaming cream.

While grandma saucers mousing cats,
they taste, high in the loft,
the buttered bread,
purloined and soft—
each child farm-lent for a holiday—
hitch britches, hoists skirts, and
smile their mischief
above the sweet smell of manure.

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