Field of Flowers

Susan Dando

Artist Statement

I graduated from the ceramic school at Alfred University where extensive painting
courses were offered. After that, I taught Art in the public schools in Ithaca New
York for six years while continuing to study painting at Cornell with Peter Kahn,
Kenneth Evett, and Allan Atwell. When I moved to Essex MA., I continued my
studies in Beverly, Massachusetts. I also took 10 years of art history with Julia
Phelps at Radcliffe Institute in Cambridge.    I was a contributing artist at the
Cambridge Art Association and three Boston galleries, La Ruche, Gallery 52,
and the Aiken Gallery.    I then moved to New York City where I did com-
missioned work and studied at the Arts Students League.

One of my goals is to explore the urban landscape. I am nearly finished with a
large oil of the Hi line in New York City. I am interested in the abstract quality
that I see in the shapes and textures of the buildings and the tension that is
created between the man-made objects and the natural elements around them.

Painting and drawing have always been a large part of my life as well as the
observation of everything around me relating to the artistís sensibility.



Flowers and Barn


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