The Inner Room
Poetry by Marcel Aime Duclos
Photography by Rodney A. Morrow
Translators: Richard Korn & Alfonso Flores-Lagunes (Spanish Edition)
Marcel Duclos & Julien Olivier (French Edition)
Format: 6 x 9; Perfect Bound
Price: $19.95
Publisher: Independently published
18 color photographs ~ 18 poems ~ 62 pages
ISBN: 9798559343600
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It has been observed that both the poet and the visual artist are natural bedfellows. The poet uses his palette of words to
paint pictures through language. Visual artists, paying attention to shape and color, write poetry through brush and lens.
The poems are the original work of Duclos; in the tradition of minimalist oriental forms pregnant with meaning.
Morrow’s photography features stunning full-color nature images. The discrete blending of these two disciplines
yields a mindfulness experience well-worth the collection’s modest price.


The Inner Room is a release from the busy world and an invitation into present-moment stillness. Rather than speaking
about calm—it takes you there. It is tiny but mighty. The beauty need not be digested all at once. Abide with a solitary
image, framed in white, and its reflected poem to discover truths long forgotten. How rare it is to receive such life-
affirming renewal from an image and a minuscule cluster of words placed on a page! Surely, silence must live deeply
within a photographer and a poet to achieve this refinement while leaving the viewer completely free.
—Gloria J Viglione, Certified Musician-Thanatologist, Occupational Therapist

A stunning collaboration between a photographer in full stride, and a poet who so obviously writes from his spiritual
center. The reader is invited into the images, and into their own spiritual center.
—Tracy Mitchell, poet and member of the Poetry Society of Colorado

Reading through Marcel Duclos’s poems while contemplating the accompanying photos drew me into a meditative state.
I read Duclos’s beautiful words and allowed them to sink into my consciousness as would have the words of a tour guide.
This is a beautiful book, both for the eyes and for the ears.
—Vaughn Neeld, writer, editor, poet

Duclos’s poetry compliments Morrow’s images in a way that inspires awe, and the ancient emotions of home, our beloved
planet. The result is a gallery for the eyes, for the soul, and for the heart, with just enough mysteriousness to keep you
coming back for more. Like the oysters and the ocean of the opening combination, The Inner Room plunged me into
sensations of nature and euphoria. It is indeed a pearl—a gift for us all.
—Jenny Rice, internationally awarded artist

The Inner Room juxtaposes text with image, image with text, and in so doing invites us into its beauties, worlds known
and unknown. Voice and silence, presence, and absence, mundane and sublime. Not distinctions but integrated wholes
mark this work. Like all art, it speaks a familiar yet mysterious language and moves us in unexpected directions.
--Jesse D. Mann, Ph.D., Theological Librarian

This book is a heart-book. Its images and poems speak to the heart. This heart-book emerged from the world of the Spirit.
Rodney A. Morrow was conducting a video image-reflection for 25 people, including Marcel A. Duclos. As Marcel
viewed the images, poetry arose in him. These two men live geographically most of a continent apart. But the Spirit
brought them together. Please set your busy mind aside as you view this book. Allow its images and poetry to come
through your heart’s open door. The book will visit your heart and will bring along its real Creator, the Spirit of Love and
—Thomas Cusack, President of the Federation of Christian Ministries from 2014 to 2020

In the long and often convoluted history of all the great religious movements, one saying recurs over and over—namely,
that there are not one but two revelations of the divine creative spirit: holy scripture and holy nature. Rodney A. Morrow
and Marcel A. Duclos have captured this dual revelation, one in 18 resplendent photographs, the other in adjoining
epigraphic poetry. Together, they invite the viewer/reader to discover (and re-discover) the revelation of the divine that
shelters in each of our souls. A small book but one that opens so gently to our own Inner Rooms.
—George C, Brown, OMI, priest, musician and fellow contemplator


Rodney A. Morrow has been doing photography since his early 20s when he took a course at the Boston Museum of Fine
Arts. In his seventieth year he received his Master of Divinity degree from Drew University and was commissioned as a
minister by the Federation of Christian Ministries. His calling is to freeze the infinite beauty of creation in photography.


Marcel Aime Duclos is an octogenarian, a practicing philosopher, pastoral theologian, and depth psychotherapist who
exercises the ministry of John the Baptist, learning to walk the way to the love of Self and Other on an unfinished journey.
He is also a commissioned member of FCM.


Sun Over the Ocean
Poem by Marcel Aime Duclos; Photograph by Rodney A. Morrow

Surge, surge your fullness over us.
Drown us in the slippery waters of your mercy.

We wait for your tide here at the ebb.
Naked, we your willing oysters,
we dare become your pearls.

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