by Jane Lang
     after the watercolour by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Home! I could hardly wait to get back
to our kitchen: my mom, my brother, Rob
and my geeky sister, Lorraine
we were going to set it up and play for an hour.

Home! I wanted it for months since I first
saw it advertised on Nickelodeon and now
I have it, my heart beats like a cannon
I'm ready to play.

Home! There's the silo, a silver bullet
just like ours, the defender protector
of its wild kingdom, the red barn, the
door kind'a open like ours at our place.

Home! See those rows of wheat? My dad says
they have to be linear whatever that means
straight rows at attention. I know about farm
life, my dad says I have "a-leg-up."

Home! I know I'll win; Rob'll let me and
geeky Lorraine doesn't want to play anyway
she cries and says I cheat at boardgames
my dad says I can ace it, I have "a-leg-up."


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