Carolyn Chilton Casas

Think about what can happen,
or not, when a woman
makes the naive decision
to become a mother.

Really, it’s a leap in the dark
whether one single egg
of the four hundred or so
bestowed in her lifetime

will be in the right place
at the perfect time.
Oh, the secret euphoria
those first weeks bring, knowing

she cradles a new life within.
She walks through her days
appearing to be the same
person, but utterly changed,

imagining the budding
heart beginning to beat
in rhythm to hers, praying
that the embryo grows strong,

and then, not too soon or too late,
makes its steady way
down through the portal
into an awaiting world.

Fortunate–to the moon and back,
how I tell my daughter
I love her–this extraordinary parade
of miracles happened for me.


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