The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings
A Modern Eclectic Reader for Modern Eclectic Readers

by Lenora Rain-Lee Good
Poetry, Short Stories, and Short Essays, 247 pages
Price: $22.00
ISBN: 818253772X
ISBN-13:‎ 978-81-8253-772-9
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Back in the day, when I worked for a living, there were times when I needed a quick, ten-minute escape from my office reality. I'd grab whatever book I was reading, my cuppa, and read for ten minutes or so. Right at the cliffhanger, I'd have to close the book and go back to work.

This book contains primarily short pieces, coffee break length, a look through the gate. Not all are so short, some will fill your lunch hour, and some may be more suited to your commute, if you aren't driving. Enter through the gate. Enjoy the escapes into different worlds and lives, for no matter when you open the gate, you will happen upon a different place, a different story, a different time. Enjoy your escape. I’m sure you’ll find a bench by the fountain, in the shade, in the sun, whatever you prefer.


Lenora Rain-Lee Good's latest work–a potpourri of poetry, fiction, and memoir–puts on display her virtuosity and versatility as a writer. As her words sing across the pages of The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings, A Modern Eclectic Reader for Modern Eclectic Readers, they touch the heart, tickle the funny bone, and jumpstart the brain.
–Mark Fleisher, Albuquerque, New Mexico, author, Reflections: Soundings from the Deep

In her latest collection, The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings, A Modern Eclectic Reader for Modern Eclectic Readers, Lenora weaves a tapestry of words that leaves the reader spellbound. Her insights into, and sensitivity for her Native American background are no more apparent than in the lyrical saga "Flyaway Woman."
–Sharmagne Leland St. John, Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Parchment Press

Lenora Rain-Lee Good’s The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings, A Modern Eclectic Reader, for Modern Eclectic Readers is a collection of short stories, poetry, and musings is delivered in varying styles and perspectives and from a broad and diverse range of topics. This is a collection into which escape is possible and inevitable.
–Terry Korth Fischer, author, Gone Astray

The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings, A Modern Eclectic Reader for Modern Eclectic Readers, is indeed eclectic, heartfelt pieces that blur as you read through your tears and others that run the gamut of emotions, evoking laughter one moment and serious thought the next. Set on a foundation of humanity–a unique experience for each reader.
–Dixiane Hallaj, author, Breakfast in Palestine


Lenora Rain-Lee Good lives in Kennewick, Washington and is a member of New Mexico State Poetry Society. She is the author of three published books of poetry–Blood on the Ground, Marking the Hours, and The Bride’s Gate and Other Assorted Writings. She co-authored Reflections: Life, the River, and Beyond, with Jim Bumgarner and Jim Thielman.


Google Earth and Fire Maps
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

allowed me to follow
the trails of fire as they
raced along the river,
over the mountains,
toward my mom's old house.

She designed the house
and built it out
of dreams and love and memories
which became nightmares
of cancer and lies and thievery–
at least she didn't
live to worry through
this summer
of fire and fear.

She didn't have to hold
neighbors and friends
in her loving arms
while their homes
burned in thick, choking
smoke and embers
that danced in the winds.

I would give my home
to smoldering ruins,
smoke too thick to breathe,
flaming embers playing tag
with the unburned,
to hold her once again
in my empty arms.


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