Songs for May
by Gretta Barclay

I sit quietly on my porch in early morn
In the middle of May
And look out on the distant field
Where prairie grass is beginning to sway
With the morning breeze

I see wildflowers
In colors not yet defined
But which will be varied and brilliant
In time

The chickadees, finches and warblers
sing their songs
And just below my open window
purple, fragrant lilacs grow
From their hedges, row upon row

Our birdfeeder is busy too.
Yellow finches hanging upside down
Eating their morning breakfast
While robins hop around my yard
In need of worms to pull

Colors of green fill the trees
Their different shaped leaves
Fluttering and flapping
In the morning breeze

But then
My thoughts turn somber
Thinking of war-torn areas around the globe

Where nothing thrives
Not even a leaf can grow
Where nothing grows among the rubble
But more and more war-torn trouble
A place where flowers can't grow

And birds can't sing
And no grasses will sway
For such a moment in time
I pray
For those
To be here in my place

And then, gratitude seeps
Into my soul
For all the beauty around me
And I say a silent prayer
For those who will never see
A place where flowers bloom.


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