The Fluffy Pink Powder Brush
by Jane Lang

Let me do it!
let me … let me!
I want to paint your cheeks
I’ll be careful
show me the fluffy brush
Pretty please, open the jar
the lid is tight for me
I know, I know
be careful, don’t shake it
be careful, don’t spill it
and goodness! Don’t sneeze
know why? Sparkles and
dust fly like a buzzy bee
up to the sky
I can stand on the stool
I know! I know!
Try not to wiggle
lean down to scoop
the powder, yes like that
twirl the fluffy brush ‘til
it’s pink and put it … yep!
right there! I did it, I did it!
You are so pretty mommy
I want to be just like you
when I grow up
You know why mommy?
‘Cuz I love you!


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