Beyond: Selected Poems
by Marcel A. Duclos
167 Poems ~ 264 Pages
Format: 6” x 9” ~ Perfect Bound
Price: $18.95
Publisher: Black Forest Publishing
ISBN: 9798352075418
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The selected poetry of Marcel A. Duclos reveals a heart and mind that never ceases to search for the essential questions. The book presents an array of experiences, of impressions, of insights, of emotions, of persons, of events, of pleasures and joys, of pain and suffering, of familiar and surprising moments. This poetry recognizes the role of form, structure, meter and rhyme but declares itself free to follow the flow of announced and unannounced inspiration. The reader will find nothing grandiose or popular in this selection and can well imagine writing something similar as an expression of one's own felt humanity in uncertain times.


Marcel Duclos has written, translated and/or collaborated on twenty-four volumes of poetry and prose. Fortunate readers can now experience the selected best of these works. As a confirmed nature-lover, I’m personally drawn to Duclos’ lovely word-picture of a Wood Duck, whose “tail salutes the world / presents her alpha and omega / in one Holy moment.” Each reader has much from which to choose in Marcel’s superbly crafted poetry banquet entitled Beyond.
–Michael Escoubas is the author of Ripples Into the Light: PhotoPoetry, with photographer Vandana Bajikar

This compilation of poetry alludes to the Beyond which all mortals face. Through clear and powerful descriptions Marcel A. Duclos invites the reader to observe not only the surfaces of life’s experiences but also the depths they may evoke. Beyond is closely woven throughout the selections. Easily accessible topics range from home-life to nature, from summer gardens to “Frozen Dreams” of winter, from childhood in Maine to aging in Colorado, from an oncology center to Starbuck’s to Mr. Perkin’s corner store, from Jesus to Buddha. The wisdom of learning, letting go, and living onward inspires the reader in the contemplation of Beyond.
–Cheryl Miller, author of The Spirit of Trees


Marcel A. Duclos came to the feet of his muse after spending decades in the world of academe and psychotherapy. Having often been chided for his poetic prose, he eventually journeyed waywardly into the community of poets. Highly regarded for his poetic craftsmanship his work reveals a heightened insight into the human condition. He writes not only with intellectual acumen but tempers it with “down-to-earth” connections with his readers. Wallace Stevens once averred, “Poetry is a response to the daily necessity of getting the world right.” Beyond: Selected Poems is ample proof of Marcel Duclos’ continuing commitment to the high calling of poetry. He is a member of the Poetry Society of Colorado. He presently resides in North Carolina, and is a recent member of the state's poetry society.


Something Sorely Missed

–thank you "Song of Songs"
by Marcel Duclos

The fingers on one hand suffice
to count the poems on cold ice
I’ve written praising sex–

a tell-tale sign of something
long and sorely missing, overdue
for untethered celebration.

Of all the things I think about
no matter place or time of day
let it be known, right here and now:

by far it’s sex that claims the prize
in frequency and savored time–
first sacrament among them all.

Now, in a pie chart of the mind,
Children fill the largest slice
As do my family and close friends.

And in the day folks sought me out
to heal their wounded, broken lives,
a bar graft mirrored anguish high.

Now death, the dying and the quest,
takes up fair space on this same chart–
so different when I was a child.

Thus once again I miss the chance
to praise the blessed plight of sex,
the first and last brave mountain pass.


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